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CEE Capital Markets: PKO Bank Polski Supports Promotion of Polish Capital Market Abroad
For the 11th time, PKO Bank Polski organised the CEE Capital Markets investment conference. The purpose of the initiative is to support the promotion of domestic capital market among foreign institutional investors. On 14 and 15 March in London, representatives of Polish...14 March 2023More
Financial results
PKO Bank Polski summarizes the financial results for 2022
In 2022, the PKO Bank Polski Group generated a net profit of over PLN 3,3 billion. Despite the complicated external conditions and the consequences of the war in Ukraine caused by Russia, the Group increased the scale of its operations. Its assets reached the level of PL...10 March 2023More
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PKO Bank Polski Provides Innovative Cloud-Based Mobile App to Its Sales Network Employees
The cloud-based mobile app is the first of its kind in PKO Bank Polski and a pioneering tool on the market. It provides bank customer advisors and sales managers with access to selected internal organization resources necessary for their daily tasks.13 February 2023More
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PKO BP Issues Senior Preferred Bonds Worth EUR 750 Million
PKO Bank Polski issued three-year senior preferred bonds with a total nominal value of EUR 750 million under the EMTN Programme. The offering was intended for the European market in order to meet the minimum requirement for own funds and eligible liabilities. The bonds w...26 January 2023More
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PKO Bank Polski enters a new strategic horizon - the Bank announces its strategy for 2023-2025
PKO Bank Polski enters a new strategic horizon with its slogan of the strategy - „Ready for the challenges, focused on the future”. By using its competitive advantages: the scale of operations, digitality and technological competence as well as security and stability, it... 8 December 2022More
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PKO Bank Polski Awarded the “Bank of the Year 2022 in Poland” Title
PKO Bank Polski became the laureate of the “Bank of the Year in Poland” prize for the seventh time. This prestigious distinction confirms that the innovative and agile PKO Bank Polski is ready to accept new challenges related to the growing expectations of its clients in... 2 December 2022More
Financial results
A good business result in the surroundings of extraordinary events
The profit of the PKO Bank Polski Capital Group for 9 months of 2022 amounted to PLN 1 601 million. During this period, the Bank systematically increased the scale of its operations and noted an improvement in the result on business activities. As a result, the group's a...10 November 2022More
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PKO Bank Polski will support innovative solutions in the field of green technologies. First edition of Poland ClimAccelerator is launched in fall
The global EIT Climate-KIC network supporting the development of climate startups is opening up to the Polish market. The call for applications for the first edition of the programme aimed at business acceleration of the most promising pro-environmental technologies from...13 September 2022More
Financial results
PKO Bank Polski Group: Great business result against the rising regulatory costs
· The net profit of the PKO Bank Polski Group in the first half of 2022 exceeded PLN 1.8 billion, and the profitability measured by the return on equity (ROE) amounted to 11.5%.24 August 2022More
Financial results
High profits earned in dynamic and changing environment
In the first quarter of 2022, the PKO Bank Polski Group generated a high result, which exceeded PLN 1.4 billion and was over 20% higher than a year before. The Group's assets grew by 9.6% y/y and reached PLN 422 billion. The Bank increased profitability measured by retur...19 May 2022More