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Hyperautomation of Processes at PKO Bank Polski Gains Momentum - 220 Million Tasks Completed by Robots
In May of this year, the total number of automated tasks at PKO Bank Polski exceeded 220 million in 270 processes, marking significant acceleration in the use of RPA technology. Previously, from 2019 to 2021, the bank automated 185 processes with 100 million completed ta...16 August 2023More
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Innovative Additional Services Platform of PKO Bank Polski Created in Collaboration with Accenture Using Google Cloud Technology
PKO Bank Polski has created an Additional Services Platform to accelerate the development of Value-Added Services (VAS) in the IKO mobile application and iPKO online portal. The use of cloud technology enables digital service providers and startups to easily connect to t...20 July 2023More
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PKO Bank Polski Awarded in the "Leader 2022" Competition for Opening a Branch in the Metaverse
The jury of the "Leader 2022" competition organized by Gazeta Bankowa recognized PKO Bank Polski for opening a branch in the Metaverse and awarded it the third place prize. The bank's actions in the field of robotics were also recognized.30 June 2023More
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Largest banks from around the world paid a visit to Poland
Invited by PKO Bank Polski, 80 representatives of banks from around the world visited Poland this year. The PKO International Banking Seminar was attended by representatives of leading banks from Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. PKO Bank Polski enjoys a leading positi... 5 June 2023More
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PKO Bank Polski to Accelerate Development in the Metaverse
PKO Bank Polski to Accelerate Development in the Metaverse 5 June 2023More
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PKO Bank Polski, European Leader in Digital Banking
PKO Bank Polski secured the first position in the 2023 Finnoscore ranking, establishing itself as the European leader in digital banking. The rankings, which assessed the digital maturity of 230 banks from Europe and North America, recognized PKO Bank Polski's excellence...31 May 2023More
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First Virtual Job Fair #PKOBankTalentów in the Metaverse
On May 30, PKO Bank Polski will host a virtual job fair in the Metaverse. This is the first event of its kind in Poland and one of the first in the world. The fair is dedicated to both newcomers entering the job market and more experienced professionals in areas such as ...25 May 2023More
Financial results
Robust Beginning of the Year: PKO Bank Polski Presents Its Results for 1Q 2023
· The net profit of the PKO Bank Polski Group in the first quarter of 2023 approximated PLN 1,5 billion, while profitability measured by ROE reached the level of 15,7 percent during the quarter.18 May 2023More
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Artificial Intelligence Supports Customers and Employees of PKO Bank Polski
Artificial intelligence is finding increasingly broad applications in PKO Bank Polski. It is used in customer service, internal processes, risk assessment, and CRM. AI makes it easier for customers to use banking services and allows for the preparation of the best offers...27 March 2023More
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PKO Bank Polski and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management begin cooperation on environmental projects
On March 15, 2023, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and PKO Bank Polski signed an agreement on environmental projects. As part of the cooperation, the bank will develop financing proposals for projects subsidised by the National Environ...22 March 2023More