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PKO Bank Polski Launches Durable Medium 2.0
PKO Bank Polski Launches Durable Medium 2.0. This new solution makes it possible to deliver private documents to the customers of the bank in digital form. Scheduled to be launched first is the delivery of lists of payment transactions concerning credit cards and documen... 4 November 2020More
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#5millionIKO in PKO Bank Polski!
The number of active IKO applications has just exceeded 5 million, a the record-breaking on the Polish banking market. Since its launch in March 2013, users have logged into the app 2.6 billion times and made 544 million transactions for a total amount of PLN 152 billion... 7 October 2020More
Financial results
Immune to Crisis
Harsher economic conditions translated to the results of PKO Bank Polski Group, which in the 1st half of 2020 generated PLN 1.3 billion of net profit, 37.2% less than a year ago.17 August 2020More
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Accelerating digital transformation
The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, which has became a concern in all countries of the world, has led to the biggest economic turbulences in thirty years in Poland. The Bank’s Capital Group had prepared itself for a deterioration of the economic conditions, and in the period of fre...28 May 2020More
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The Management Board of PKO Bank Polski appointed for a new term
The Board of Supervisors of PKO Bank Polski has unequivocally appointed the Management Board of the Bank for another three-year joint term, starting July 3rd 2020.26 May 2020More
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PKO Bank Polski on the way to the cloud
PKO Bank Polski has pursued its digitalization objectives, included in the “PKO Banking Platform” strategy launched in the autumn of 2019, and it is getting ready for a migration of its IT architecture to the National Cloud. In this manner, the Bank intends to provide it... 7 May 2020More
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NCO is a strategic partner of Microsoft; a regional technology hub to be established in Poland
The National Cloud Operator has entered into a strategic partnership with the global technological company Microsoft. This cooperation opens a new chapter in the development of the platform that is being built in Poland, which provides enterprises and public institutions... 5 May 2020More
Financial results
With a record-breaking profit into the new century of PKO Bank Polski
PKO Bank Polski SA ended 2019 as the most valuable company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The PKO Bank Polski Capital Group made net profit of PLN 4.03 billion, by over 7.8 percent more in comparison with the previous year. This has been possible, among other thing...12 February 2020More
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Alior Bank, BNP Paribas and PKO Bank Polski have invested together in a Polish fintech
Alior Bank, BNP Paribas and PKO Bank Polski –banks representing approx. 30 per cent assets of the Polish banking sector – have invested together in Autenti – a Polish fintech whose offer includes a platform for electronic agreement signing and digital workflow of documen...16 January 2020More
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PKO Bank Polski - the most valuable Polish company in 2019
Last year, in which PKO Bank Polski celebrated its 100th anniversary, was a very good time for the bank. Two years in advance, the company achieved the financial objectives of its strategy and thus provided an update of these. The IKO application, which has been activate... 8 January 2020More