Financial results

Operational Merger Successfully Completed, Solid Results and Further Improved Loan Portfolio Quality

The PKO Bank Polski Group generated a net profit of PLN 647.2 million in the Q1 2015 and the assets exceeded a quarter of a trillion of Polish złoty for the first time in the history of the Polish banking sector. Effectiveness remains high with ROE at 11.5 percent and RO...
Financial results

Better Results, High Effectiveness, Improved Loan Portfolio Quality

The PKO Bank Polski Group generated a profit of PLN 3.25 bn in 2014. Consequently, one of Poland’s biggest banking groups improved its results year on year. Compared to its peers, the PKO Group stood out with high effectiveness and clearly improved its loan portfolio qua...
Financial results

Robust profit growth and high efficiency

In the third quarter of 2014, PKO Bank Polski Group generated net profit of 873,4 million zł, 16.1 percent more y/y and 2.1 percent more than in the previous quarter. Net interest income increased by 21.6 percent y/y and by 2 percent q/q, reaching the amount of 1,979 mil...
Financial results

Dynamic growth in profits and scale of operations

In the second quarter of 2014 the PKO Bank Polski Group delivered net profit of PLN 855.6 million, a 6.6 per cent. gain over the previous quarter. It is the first period in which the consolidated results incorporate those of the recently acquired Nordea group companies, ...
Financial results

Stable financial results in the first quarter of 2014

Increased net profit on the year, improved credit portfolio quality, reduced costs of risk and continued cost discipline as well as high efficiency ratio: in the first quarter of 2014, PKO Bank Polski posted solid financial results accompanied by taking over Nordea’s Pol...
Financial results

2013 – The year of expansion and dynamic business development

In 2013, PKO Bank Polski Capital Group posted a solid financial result of PLN 3.2 billion. The net profit for the fourth quarter amounted to PLN 938 million, which means 25 per cent quarterly growth. Both loan and deposit volumes increased. The Bank serves over 8 million...
Financial results

PKO Bank Polski consolidated assets exceed PLN200 billion

After three quarters of 2013, PKO Bank Polski Capital Group posted net profit of PLN2.29 billion. The group has maintained high efficiency and operating cost control; it also cut costs of risk. The Group’s assets exceeded PLN200 billion, while loan and deposit volumes – ...
Financial results


In the first half of 2013 PKO Bank Polski Capital Group reported strong bottom line of PLN1.53 billion, maintained high effectiveness and cost discipline. Costs of risk declined. The bank recorded growth in business volumes, both in loans and deposits. The acquisition of...
Financial results

Market share growth and strong cost discipline

In the first quarter of 2013 the PKO Bank Polski Group achieved PLN 781.4 million in net profit. We retained leading position in the key market segments and high operational efficiency as we maintained cost discipline. The Group consolidated its capital strength; its cap...
Financial results

Success of the “Leader” strategy

63 per cent. net profit growth and 24 per cent. balance sheet total increase are some of the achievements of the “Leader” strategy the PKO Bank Polski Group pursued in the years 2010-2012. The bank strengthen further its position in the CEE region as it maintained signif...