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PKO Bank Polski Group to acquire KBC TFI

Even more attractive product offering and the further increased scale of activities are the expected effects of the planned merger of PKO TFI with KBC TFI being acquired by the PKO Bank Polski Group. PKO Bank Polski has just signed an agreement related to a purchase of 1...
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Young innovative companies that are conquering the market!

We now know the winners of the MIT Enterprise Forum Poland accelerator program, whose main partner is PKO Bank Polski, aimed at technology start-ups. Up to 300 start-ups registered to take part in the project, including those from the financial, energy, pharmaceutical an...
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PKO Bank Polski is a partner in the Polish MassChallenge accelerator - one of the largest global start-up accelerators

During the Impact'17 congress that took place in Krakow, which PKO Bank Polski is partnering with, the launch of the new Bridge to MassChallenge start-up program was announced. This is the first step on the way to introducing the MassChallenge brand, one of the biggest s...
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Highest profit in banking sector and double-digit growth in business profits

The first quarter of 2017 was very good for the Polish economy, which is also visible in PKO Bank Polski’s performance. The after-tax profit earned by the PKO Bank Polski group after the first quarter of 2017 reached PLN 525m, once again the highest result in the banking...
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The corporate branch of PKO Bank Polski is beginning its operations in the Czech Republic

On 3 April 2017 the corporate branch of PKO Bank Polski began its operations in Prague. PKO Bank Polski, Czech Branch wants to be the first choice bank for Polish companies operating on the Czech market and a gateway for Czech companies entering the Polish market. The br...
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“Let’s Fintech with PKO Bank Polski!” – winner start-ups have been selected

We know the winners of the first stage of the second edition of “MIT Enterprise Forum Poland” acceleration programme, in which PKO Bank Polski is the Strategic Partner. The winners, including six best teams on the path called “Let’s Fintech with PKO Bank Polski!”, will p...
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PKO Bank Polski invested in a fintech start-up and will support Polish SMEs in creation of loyalty programmes

On 26 January this year PKO Bank Polski completed the sales transaction of 100 per cent shares in ZenCard Sp z o.o. The Company was purchased from Venture Capital funds: Experior Venture Fund and SpeedUp Group, from LMS Sp. z o.o. and from ZenCard’s founders. The Bank is...
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Czech Authorities Approve the Opening of PKO Bank Polski Czech Branch

The last formal step for PKO Bank Polski in Prague to initiate operation is an entry in the Czech trade register. Simultaneously, meetings with customers will be organised who are interested in services of the PKO Branch in Czech Republic.
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Solid Financial Results and Strong Growth of the Financing Scale

The financial result generated by PKO Bank Polski Capital Group after three quarters of 2016 amounted to PLN 2.3 billion (increase by 5.3% y-to-y), whereas the consolidated result from business activity was on the level of PLN 8.9 billion and was higher from the result o...
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PKO Bank Polski Strategy for 2016-2020: “Supporting the Development of Poland and Poles”

The strategy of PKO Bank Polski for 2016 – 2020 “Supporting the Development of Poland and Poles” adopted by the Management Board and the Supervisory Board focuses on the support for the development of Polish entrepreneurship, in particular in the segment of small and med...