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Customers of PKO Bank Polski can handle their official matters over the Internet

Following the e-application in the 500+ program and the PUE ZUS system made available in electronic banking, time has come for a true breakthrough in e-administration. The customers of PKO Bank Polski can open their Trusted Profiles in the banking transaction service and...
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The approval of Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) related to the corporate customer branch in Czech Republic

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority has analysed a notification proposal of the Bank on launching a corporate customer branch in Prague and approved to send it over to respective authorities in Czech Republic
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PKO Bank Polski supports 2nd edition of the acceleration program for start-ups and launches FinTech path

PKO Bank Polski once again joined the accelerator program for start-ups, carried out together with MIT Enterprise Forum Poland. In the 2nd edition, PKO Bank Polski is the patron of the "Let's FinTech with PKO Bank Polski" path, dedicated to start-ups and focused on finan...
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PKO Bank Polski and start-ups at the same table

"Innovation" was probably the most commonly used word during the D-RAFT Corporate Demo Day "FinTech & Mobile". Representatives of corporations and young entrepreneurs met at the Campus Warsaw, launched by Google in the Praga district. PKO Bank Polski co-organized the...
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PKO Bank Polski branch in Frankfurt is already open

PKO Bank Polski Niederlassung Deutschland began its operational activity on 7 December 2015, less than two months after obtaining the consent of BaFin, the German financial supervisory authority. The necessary IT systems are working and the banking products and services ...
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From IKO to BLIK – best innovation in payments worldwide

Collaboration among competitors, far-reaching vision and the ability to independently create innovative solutions - these are the main reasons why bankers from around the world recognized the transformation of the created by PKO Bank Polski mobile application IKO into th...
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BaFin opens PKO the way to the German market

The German financial supervisory authority BaFin decided positively on the launch of the PKO Bank Polski branch in Frankfurt am Main within less than four weeks from submitting the application. Thus, the process of obtaining regulatory approvals, which started in Decembe...
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Results of the Asset Quality Review (AQR) and Stress-Tests Once Again Confirm Robust Financial Strength of PKO Bank Polski

PKO Bank Polski obtained one of the best results in the Polish banking sector in the asset quality review (AQR) and stress-test. Under each scenario, including the most extreme scenario, the Bank retained a high capital buffer above the required capital adequacy ratios: ...
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As of April 1st, PKO Bank Polski Capital Group has been expanded by Nordea Bank Polska, Nordea Finance Polska and Nordea TUnŻ. The total final price for the acquired companies amounted to almost PLN 2.81 billion. Over seven years, a loan portfolio denominated in foreign ...
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PKO Bank Polski gets KNF’s approval to take over Nordea Bank Polska

The Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) has unanimously decided that there are no reasons to oppose the take-over of shares in Nordea Bank Polska by PKO Bank Polski. Today’s decision of the KNF has been preceded with the consent to buy shares of Nordea Polska life insu...